Monday, February 24, 2014

A Fun Announcement!

Hello lovely readers!  I'm back, after a bit of writer's block.  Don't worry though, I was still getting crafty and have a ton of fun projects to share with you.  I'm just trying to sort everything out and not overwhelm myself, so bear with me.....

Besides that, I have an announcement....drum roll, please.....

I am now a designer for the awesome blog, Practical Scrappers!!!!!  How amazing is this?!  I am so grateful to be on a team of such creative and talented designers!  All these girls have incredible skills that just shine through all their projects.  

This is my first design team and hopefully not my last.  I've already been working on some projects for PS, already getting my creative juices flowing, and which has definitely helped me use my stash!  I want to thank my friend Kelly-yes, the same Kelly from the Just Two Midwest Girls scrap challenges-for introducing me to Practical Scrappers and for helping me get on the team.

That's all I have for you today, but come back tomorrow!

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