Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Hello June!

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It's unofficially summer and I couldn't be happier! I have a lot of great feelings about what June will bring, let alone the entire summer. I thought I'd share with you all my goals for the month. I'm hoping it will hold me a little more accountable...

June Goals

  • Finish a baby album for my friend
    • Her first baby is due in early July. I need to get this album going!
  • Read It Starts with Food
    • I've been looking into the Whole30 program a bit thanks to Katie Jaeger over at My Life As Kate. I will have a separate post about my thoughts on this whole program. Be on the lookout.
  • Prepare for Whole30
    • You can also find my Pinterest board documenting recipes, blog posts, motivation and all things Whole30.
  • Be more involved with Just Two Midwest Girls scrap challenge
    • Kelly has been amazing with stepping up and taking over launching our new blog and updating our Facebook page. Since this whirlwind of an adventure Mr. Sweet and I have taken on with selling our house and looking for a new one (if you want to read a little more about our house selling adventure, read this post), Kelly has been so helpful with taking on both of our roles. Thank you Kelly!
  • Get back to blogging!
    • I have not been the best at blogging lately. Not only are we trying to move (which is SOOO time consuming), but I'm trying to reevaluate the content of my blog as well. I would like to get back to posting 3 times a week. I'm hoping to work out a topics/ideas list and posting schedule.

There you have it: my goals for the month. I tried not to overextend myself, as is a common theme in my goal-setting. I feel like these are all pretty doable tasks to achieve in 30 days (well, I guess 27 days now).

What are your goals for June? Or do you set goals for the summer in general?


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