Friday, June 13, 2014


Just the other day, I stumbled upon this pin over on Pinterest. As you all know from my June goals post, I'd like to get back to blogging this summer. These blog prompts from Hello Neverland seemed to be a good jumping off point. Thank you Kenzie!

I am using Hello Neverland's June blog post prompts to help ignite and retain my blog posts this month. I can't guarantee that I will post everyday (even though she has a prompt for everyday), I certainly will try. Today's prompt is "Where would you go if you could travel anywhere in the world this summer?". 

Coast of Ravello; Source: Trip & Travel Blog
My dream trip would be the same whether it were summer or winter. I have always wanted to visit and travel throughout Italy. If that were the only other country I could see in my life, I would die a happy woman if I crossed Italy off my bucket list.

Of course, this photo is only a tiny glimpse of Italy, but it's beautiful. I wish I would explain exactly why Italy has intrigued me, but I honestly have no idea.

Venice; Source: Trip & Travel Blog
I have always loved Europe in general, or more like the attitude and perspective of life Europeans have. Based on blogs and articles I've read and a few people I've talked to, there is just a different perspective of life in Europe. Life is slow. People don't fill their time with work. They seem to enjoy moments more. They take their time eating. They eat amazing food and drink delicious coffee, espresso, and wine. You walk everywhere. There's history in the air. I think that is what is attractive about Europe in general. 

Colosseum-Rome, Italy; Source: Wikipedia

I've always enjoyed the Italian language. I took a couple years of Italian when I was in college. I like the way it sounds rolling off native Italians (or those very fluent in Italian). Plus, I really like Italian food. I'm sure I would fall in love with authentic Italian food. And I love coffee and espresso. And wine. 

So, where would you travel this summer if you could go anywhere in the world?


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