Monday, March 3, 2014

Make It Monday: Watercolor Background Paper

Happy Monday all!  I'm starting a new series on my blog, Make It Monday.  It's inspired by Kristina Werner's Make A Card Monday video series on her YouTube channel.  My plan is to use this series to show off techniques and how I do them.  This will not be a weekly series, but more of an every other week post.  I plan to showcase all sorts of projects.  Today, I do have a card I made using a watercolored paper technique.  This card was inspired by Kristina Werner ; she's made a few cards lately using this technique.

**Warning:  Photo Heavy!**

I started out with my supplies:  kraft card base, blue cardstock, watercolor paper, Distress markers, and my craft mat.  In the end, I don't use the blue cardstock.  And the watercolor paper I haven't cut down yet.

I scribbled my Distress markers onto the craft mat.  I made sure that the colors didn't touch.  And I put each color in more than one spot, trying to disperse color all over my paper.

Next, I took my mini mister and sprayed water all over my Distress markers scribbles, until the color beads up.

I took my watercolor paper and smooshed it into my scribbles.  I wiggled it around a bit and swiped it across the color spots to get this...

It's so pretty!  I took my heat gun to it before I added more color to my paper.  

Here's my end result after a couple more times of smooshing the paper into some more color and drying the paper.

I wanted to die cut my sentiment using my own paper, so I found a "hello" sentiment in the Silhouette library.  If you're curious about the settings I used for this watercolor paper, I set my Cameo to the cardstock setting, but turned my blade a number higher because this paper is a bit thicker than regular cardstock.  It cut like butter!

And here's my finished card!  I hope you found this post helpful and inspiring.  Next time I try this technique, I want to try it with Gelatos.  I have more colors of those than Distress Markers.  The possibilities are endless!

I'm looking forward to this new series.  If you have any suggestions for me, let me know in my comments section!

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