Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Ombre Love: A Practical Scrappers Project

Today, over on the Practical Scrappers blog, some of the lovely designers played around with the ombre trend.  I love the ombre trend!  We're seeing it everywhere in the scrapbook world.  I particularly love it because it's usually really colorful! 

I made some tags for this project.  I've only photographed one tag, but I made three in total.  What I did for each tag was use my new set of gouache paints (is that how you would refer to them? Gouache or gouache paints?) to make my colorful ombre tags!   

For those of you that have never played with gouache, it's kind of like opaque watercolors.  You can blend them out with water, but it doesn't have a transparent finish like traditional watercolors.  They are really fun to play with!

For this tag, I started with white cardstock.  Then, I used yellow and various amounts of white gouache to achieve various shades of yellow.  

And as you can see, I followed up with mist, layers, and embellishments!  I've been meaning to have a few tags in my stash for gifts or even to pop on top of card front panels for an easy card.  
Now, go check out some of the other Practical Scrappers ombre projects!

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