Monday, April 21, 2014

On Current Obessions

Today, I thought I'd bring you guys something of a different blog post.  I'm going to let you all in on my current obsessions.  And they aren't even scrapbook related!

The Bullet Journal


If you guys don't already know, I am OBSESSED with planners and lists and journaling (well, I'm more obsessed with the idea of journaling, but you get the idea).  I am always trying to find new and productive ways for me to organize my life.  Well, I'm pretty sure I have found it.  The concept behind and the details about the Bullet Journal can be found on this website.  Here's how I use it: as a brain dump.  I have everything in one notebook.  Or, I'm trying to condense all thoughts, to dos, lists, etc. in one notebook.  I use a page-a-day to write out events, birthdays, to dos, thoughts, ideas, blog posts, what happened through out the day.  AND I LOVE IT!  Now, I still use my trusty and lovely Filofax, but that kind of planner isn't set up in a daily format, with enough room to write down the day-to-day happenings.  I still use my Filofax.  I like seeing the monthly calendar and the weekly 2-page set up.  My bullet journal just lets me note the million to dos as the day goes on and my thoughts throughout said day.

I use a key to note which bullets are to dos, thoughts, events, priority, etc.  It's basically similar to the above link.  I also don't use all the cute stuff that I use in my Filofax.  I'll use some post-its to transfer from day-to-day if I want to make sure to remember to do something on a certain day.  I use paper clips to mark my monthly task page.  That's about it though.  I think that's what makes it usable on a daily basis, for me at least.

I will do a future post exclusively on my bullet journal.  I'll go into more depth in that post.  But this leads me in to my next obsession, which is where I heard about the bullet journal...

The Girl Next Door Podcast is amazing!  These girls are awesome!  I've never really listened to a podcast until I heard about them.  They have a weekly show on which they sip on a lovely cocktail (the recipe is always included in the show notes) and talk about life.  Each week, they have a certain situation they discuss, they go into things they are really digging at the moment, and then they end with some neighborly news.  Erica and Kelsey are funny, down to earth, and just real people.  Obviously, they have lives, but man, I wish they had a daily podcast!  I HIGHLY recommend The Girl Next Door Podcast!

And to bring you to my last current obsession, Coffitivity.  This site is great!  For those of you that like working in coffee shops, whether it be to plan for the week, work on blog posts, or homework, you will love this site.  Apparently, there is research that states higher productivity in semi-quiet, low hustle and bustle coffee shops than a complete quiet space or heavy racket space.  I head to this site as soon as I get to work to get my productivity going.  It really is amazing.  I love working in a coffee shop or cafe, this website just brings the coffee shop to you!

What kinds of things are you guys obsessing over right now?

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