Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Inspiration Wednesday

Good Morning my lovely readers!  Sorry that I have been MIA lately.  This past weekend I had a friend in town, unfortunately for something not too happy.  I have been pretty behind in my scrap projects, hence no Project Life post yesterday.  I'm hoping to "work" overtime in my scrap room in the next few weeks to get on top of stuff.  

So now, for some inspiration!  This post will be a bit shorter than last week's post, but it's still focused on Christmas.  I have serious Christmas fever!

Starting in the top left corner and moving clockwise:

This Christmas card from Kristina Werner is part of her Holiday Card Series 2013.  She has tutorials on these holiday cards up on her YouTube channel every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  I love every card she creates, but this one is particularly inspiring as she uses Perfect Pearls to "color" the stamped image.  I have a set of Perfect Pearls I bought on clearance at Michael's at the beginning of 2013.  I've never used them.  I didn't really understand how to use them.  Kristina's tutorial showed me how!  Now I'm looking forward to getting in my scrap room tonight and busting out my Perfect Pearls, if only I can find them...

I love this floating shelf Christmas decor idea.  Michael and I got a set of these types of shelves for our wedding.  We finally got them up sometime this past summer.  Right now, I have some cute fall decorations on them.  For Christmas, I'm definitely going to do something like this on our longest shelf.  I think I'll do the word "Joy" or "Peace" depending on the space.  I really like the idea of using a wreath as the "O," so I may stick with "Joy."  I like the rustic look too.  Last Christmas season, I tried to incorporate more of that rustic look into our decor, so this idea will work well!

Chalkboard is so super trendy right now.  And I LOVE IT!  These chalkboard gift tags from Jess at The Examined Life are awesome!  For these, she painted inexpensive wood shapes with chalkboard paint.  You could find these at most craft stores.  You could also get some thin wood to die cut custom shapes.  You could do this with chipboard.  You could put them in your December albums, on scrapbook layouts, on cards.  You could make tree ornaments or decorations!  Love this idea!

Last but not least is this adorable felt quiet book.  I have been wanting to make something like this for my niece.  I don't have any sewing skills except for on paper.  I have done some embroidery, so hand stitching is a basic skill of mine.  But when it comes to using a sewing machine, I have no idea.  I found some patterns on Etsy for quiet books using hand stitching after I read this blog post from Stephanie Bryan on her older blog, Playing House.  I now have tons of ideas and want to start on a quiet book, like, right now!

Hopefully, you all have gotten some inspiration from my post today.  What's been inspiring you lately?  Let me know in the comments section!


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