Friday, January 3, 2014

Just Two Midwest Girls Scrap Challenge: Christmas Albums!

Welcome back lovely readers!  Hope you all had a fabulous New Year's!

Kelly and I are beginning 2014 with a big project!  Our Christmas albums!  As I mentioned in previous posts, I'm doing Journal Your Christmas, which goes until January 6th.  So, my album is not done yet.  I have been good about keeping up on my journaling and deciding on pictures for each prompt (up until Christmas Day).  I just haven't been able to scrap each prompt yet.

I am proud to let you all know that I have scrapped each prompt up to and including Christmas Day (well, most of the prompts)!  That was my goal by the time we posted this challenge.  I will be taking a week off from working on my Christmas album to start my One Little Word album, work on a couple layouts, and get started on cards for my Etsy shop.  

Here are some pictures of my album so far.  I'm only showing you the completed pages.  I will upload my whole album to my 2Peas gallery when I have it finished (probably in parts because each project can only have 20 images).  I will also be posting my progress and finished pages on Instagram.  Make sure to follow me @hsweet12!

This is PHOTO HEAVY!  I'm not going to post every photo, but you can take a peek here for all the detailed photos.  **Prompt #18-25 I will post this weekend when I have better light.

Here are my title page (on the right because I couldn't get these pictures to post chronologically when next to one another) and my Christmas manifesto (left).  

The photo on the right is just an embellishment page.  Right now, that's my favorite part of scrapbooking: embellishing!  And I have tons of product, so I need to use it.  The photo on the left is all about our Christmas tree.  I have written this prompt in my journal, I just haven't transferred it to this page.

It's not Christmas without those special treats!  On the page of the small paper bag (seen in the photo below), I write about the infamous red coffee cup, which has become a holiday icon.

I couldn't resist cutting that red holiday cup with my cameo!

 This prompt is all about the types of lists I used to make when I was younger.

One of my favorite parts of Christmas are Christmas movies.  Elf is probably my favorite holiday movie.  I love Buddy the Elf.  He is definitely my "merry mentor."  That character always puts me in the Christmas mood.

 The top photo tells the story about that crocheted snowpeople couple.  The photo on the bottom talks about my ideal Christmas Day weather, which is, of course, a white Christmas (which we didn't get here in central IL).

The top photo contains my "still to do" list as of December 17th.  The bottom photo tells the story of the Christmas culture and entertainment I enjoy this time of year.

The top photo talks about when I "found out about Santa."  I wanted this to be hidden journaling just in case, years down the line, my kids decide to flip open the album.  And this bottom photo shows how thick my album is already!  At the time I took this photo, I only had scrapped prompts 1-17.  Yeah....

I cannot believe this album!  I am so, so proud of myself for staying on top of my daily journaling prompts AND for scrapping (almost) each prompt up to Christmas!  I only got to Day 5 in my December Daily 2012 album.  

So, come play along with us!  Show us your Christmas/December/holiday albums.  Link up your pictures in my comments section on this post or in Kelly's comments section on her blog.  It does not have to be a new project.  It can be a past album you already have uploaded elsewhere.  Those people that play along have a chance to win a $5 gift certificate to Two Peas in a Bucket!  Hurry, the challenge is open until Thursday, January 16th at 8pm CST!

Now, go check out Kelly's blog!


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