Friday, May 2, 2014

Just Two Midwest Girls Scrap Challenge Has Moved!

**If you are trying to read the new challenge post over on Just Two Midwest Girls, something isn't working right.  Kelly and I are trying to fix it and will let you know when everything is up and running again!**

There have been some great things going on with Just Two Midwest Girls scrap challenges!  After much planning and talking, Kelly and I decided that Just Two Midwest Girls scrap challenges needed it's own blog.  Kelly has been hard at work setting this blog up.  Come check us out here!  

Now, our challenge today and all future challenges will be hosted on the Just Two Midwest Girls scrap challenges blog.  

Here's just a little sneak peak of my project for our very special National Scrapbook Day challenge!


Go check out my full project and Kelly's project on the new blog!  Also, we have a very special prize to along along with this epic scrapbooking weekend!

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