Friday, May 23, 2014

Why Are Sounds of Crickets Coming From Your Blog Heather?

Yes, yes, the sound of crickets have taken over my blog as of late.  I know, I'm a terrible blogger.  But, I do have reasons!  Really good reasons!  I also have some not too good reasons, mostly involving laziness and that overwhelming, deer-in-the-headlights look when I need to sit down, reevaluate, plan, and write.

I am here to let you all know not to worry.  I am still alive.  There have been no family emergencies or health issues or anything of that sort.  My life is amazing, a little stressful right now, but still amazing.

So, you all may be wondering, "What's going on?" (queue Marvin Gaye)  At the end of April, you all may remember this post, I went to the Chicago area and then up to Milwaukee (I promise, stories and photos will be coming on that part of my trip!).  Well, during my lovely adventure up North, some big things we happening with the Sweet family.  Mr. Sweet and I live in this lovely bungalow home in what some people would call the middle of Springfield.  It's been a great home.  Mr. Sweet has been living there for 12 years.  As you all know, as relationships evolve and talk of kids starts to happen, you realize, "Hey, we're going to need a bigger place so we have somewhere to put these kids.  Also, while we're thinking of kids, we should think about the schools we want them to attend."  

Mr. Sweet and I have tossed around the moving idea for a little while now.  There was a situation last summer which really sparked the long journey to selling our home and buying a new one.  Step One:  Get your finances in order.  Check.  We've been working on that and budgeting for almost 12 months now.  Pretty proud of ourselves, if I may say.  We then started to be realistic about when we should start looking for houses, get pre-approved, etc.  Fall 2014 sounded pretty good.  As most of you know, life happens and you can't really plan for anything.  There was this amazing house in this amazing neighborhood in the school district we want to be in.  Done.  The process started.  We got pre-approved.  We started decluttering, depersonalizing, and fixing up our house to put on the market.  We made an offer on this amazing house.  It was accepted contingent on the sale of our house!  Amazing, right?!  But, those of you that have bought a house contingent on the sale of your current house knows it's really not that amazing.  You still got to sell your house.  The house you want is still being shown.  It may say "pending," but someone can swoop in at any moment to outbid (if you will) and steal your dream house right from under you.

Yes, this is exactly what happened to us.  Last week in fact.  We (and by we, I mean mostly Mr. Sweet) worked our asses off to get our house on the market in a few short weeks.  Those of you that have been through this know that it's not an easy, or quick task.  Basically, we lost our dream house last Friday.  We didn't want to take out a bridge loan to pay for a mortgage on two houses.  That's just crazy.  Especially since we don't know how long our house will be on the market.  

Even though the reason we started the process is no longer in our hands, it still helped light the fire under our behinds to make the next steps in our marriage, moving toward a family.  Our house has officially been on the market for 8 days.  We are continuing to work on our house and pack stuff up.  We are looking at other houses.  

So, that's where I have been lately.  It's been stressful and exhausting and anxiety-ridden.  I am so proud of my husband.  He has worked so hard, spent so much money, gave up all his free time, took care of all the phone calls, negotiating, etc. to get where we are today.  I am truly grateful for him.  

My scrap room has been packed up. I left some of my stuff out, mostly projects I started and need to finish soon.  I knew I wouldn't be able to survive without pretty paper to help calm me down when I'm too stressed.  

Something I need to remember...always
For the time being, my blog may become more of a personal adventure; a glimpse into the Sweet life; a collection of posts about me.  I'll still try to post scrapbook stuff.  And, of course, Just Two Midwest Girls challenges will still be happening.  But Coffee and Pretty Paper may evolve into something a little different.  And to be honest with you, I'm kind of excited about that thought.  But, more on that another day.

Enough about my big summer plans, what are your summer plans?

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