Monday, September 8, 2014

30 Days of Lists: Week One

I know you all know by now that I AM A LISTER! Any kind of list, I'll write it. Naturally, I just had to participate in yet, another round of #30lists.

I completed my first challenge in March 2013. I made a mini album for the challenge. I completed every list except for two or three. In March 2014, I again made a pretty kick ass mini album. Although, I only wrote a handful of lists in it. I know, somewhere, I have the rest of the lists on sticky notes or Project Life cards. Someday I plan to transfer those "drafts" to the album.

This time around, I am determined to write my lists DIRECTLY in my album EACH day. I made my album really simple. I'm not even going to embellish beyond what's already done. If I had planed to do that, I wouldn't post photos of the lists until it was done, and then I wouldn't write the lists in the album because I wouldn't have time to embellish, so on and so forth. This time, it will be different!

30 Days of Lists Has Begun: Coffee & Pretty Paper

After each week, I will be posting my completed #30lists. 

List One:  Today is brought to you by...

#30lists -List One: Coffee & Pretty Paper

-a work holiday
-Earl Grey
-Criminal Minds binge watching
-couch sitting
-a little bit of cleaning...

List Two: I can't pass up...

#30lists -List Two: Coffee & Pretty Paper

-anything pumpkin in the fall
-coffee in the morning (or any time of day)
-dessert or candy
-pretty paper
-a date with a friend
-a hug from my husband
-a new book
-a trip to the craft store

List Three:  If I had an extra hour in the day

#30lists -List Three: Coffee & Pretty Paper

I would use that time just for me, doing whatever my little heart desired! It would be an hour of not doing chores or worrying about adult stuff.
I'd wish for more hours in the day!

List Four:  Projects to finish this month

#30lists -List Four: Coffee & Pretty Paper

-setting up my blog planner
-August Project Life
-Mal's Scotland mini album
-United Way donation basket
*I think that's ambitious enough
-organize papers (apparently not done being ambitious!)

List Five:  Things to nurture this month

#30lists -List Five: Coffee & Pretty Paper

-my marriage
-me: body, mind, and soul
-my Etsy shop

List Six:  Every night before I go to bed

#30lists -List Six: Coffee & Pretty Paper

*how appropriate that I'm writing this in bed...
-tell my husband goodnight, "I love you" --ALWAYS
-wash face
-think of something I am grateful for 
-set my alarm
-sometimes read a book
-fall asleep with the TV on, usually Netflix
-cuddle with Willie

List Seven:  Chores I actually enjoy

#30lists -List Seven: Coffee & Pretty Paper

-laundry (not the putting away part though)
-dishes because it's a mindless task and allows me to daydream
-I also enjoy chores/cleaning in general when I'm in the mood to do those things

Week One is complete! Make sure to follow me on Instagram (@hsweet12) to see daily #30lists. I post my list every night. If you're playing along with #30lists, please comment below with your blog (if you're posting on your blog) or your Instagram name. I love seeing fellow listers!

Also, check out my Flickr album for pages from my album as well as my completed lists.

Enjoy your Monday,
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