Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Project Lifein' It Tuesday

So, I'm a tad behind in documenting my daily life.  And by a tad, I mean June is not documented, August is only half done, and September photos haven't been printed, let alone edited.  At the end of May, I decided to go from weekly documentation to monthly.  I was getting a little too stressed that I wasn't getting enough pictures each week, etc.  I wasn't enjoying the process anymore.  I do like documenting monthly a lot better. I used to subscribe to the Studio Calico Project Life Kit.  I didn't renew my subscription after the 6 months because I wasn't impressed with how the kits were progressing through the year.  I didn't think I was getting my money's worth.  Anyways, I've also acquired SO MANY CARDS!  So I stopped subscribing to any Project Life-style kit.  But I've noticed that it's harder for me to put a spread together without a kit.  Not having coordinating embellishments and fun stuff, already picked out for you, makes the process longer for me.    And therefore, I don't keep up with documenting my life as much.   I'm hoping a weekly blog post will keep me motivated!  

Here goes, this is the end of July.

In August I bought the Midnight Edition Project Life Core Kit.  When this kit "premiered" at Winter 2013 CHA, I did not like it.  I don't remember why, but recently I started to really, really love it!  So of course, I had to have it.  This kit is absolutely lovely.  It's really easy to work with.

The end of July was mostly about my sister's spontaneous third tattoo and my Saturday day date with my best friend.  This is my first spread in a long time that I have LOVED!

I think I may have to subscribe to another Project Life-style kit or a card kit or an embellishment kit.  I miss how easy it seemed to be when I had a kit.  Do you guys subscribe to a Project Life-style kit?  What do you like/dislike about it?

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