Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Currently Loving in July + #currentlylist

Today, I have a handful of random items I have been loving this month. This is something I'd like to do once a month. I really enjoy seeing other people's monthly favorites, so I thought I'd share my own.

Currently Loving 
  1. My purple Personal Saffiano Filofax: She's not really a currently favorite, per se, because she's an all-the-time favorite. To put it in more appropriate terms, I'm obsessed with using my Filofax.
  2. Philosophy's Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser: Love. I don't know what else to say about it. It leaves my skin feeling clean and soft, as well as looking clean and clear. It will always be worth the money for me.
  3. 29 by Lydia Mondavi Secret of the Vine Serum Extract: It's never too early to start incorporating some anti-aging (I prefer to call it slower aging process) skin care products. This serum is used to improve the skin's elasticity, making it firmer and tighter, all while diminishing fine lines and wrinkles. It smells lovely, a light dose of flowers. I use it as a serum, under my moisturizer most of the time. I've also used it as just a lightweight moisturizer. It does not make my face oily. So far, I like it. I haven't used it enough to notice any differences in my skin yet.
  4. Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Marker Pens: I love using different-colored pens, even though I don't really color code anything when I'm planning or organizing. These are really nice and extremely fine point at 0.3mm. I use them all the time in my Filofax and Bullet Journal.
  5. Bath and Body Works' Sleep Aromatherapy Body Cream in Lavender Chamomile: OH MY GOSH I LOVE THIS SCENT! It really is calming and relaxing. It sits on my nightstand. I HAVE to put it on every night before I settle down to sleep. Highly recommend.
And here's my #currentlylist, inspired by Kristin over at rukristin papercrafts and her currently project.


What products are you loving this month? And, if you play along with the #currentlylist project, link up your list in the comments section!

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