Thursday, July 3, 2014

Pinterest Crafting: Happy Birthday America!

Welcome back to another monthly installment of Pinterest Crafting! It has definitely been quite a few months since I've created any projects that wasn't card- or scrapbook-related. (See my previous months' Pinterest Crafting posts here and here.)

I chose a project that would be relatively easy, because, let's face it, I've been a little absent from my blog and the last thing I need to do is tackle a project that will overwhelm me and have me running for the hills, swearing off blogging forever. So, something easy. Check.

When I was writing out my July blog schedule (isn't a schedule such as this called an editorial schedule?), I wanted to incorporate an American theme craft. I also wanted to stay away from a paper craft project, since that's what this blog is mostly about. I found this pin (and her corresponding blog post) a few months back. I knew back then, I was definitely going to feature this on my Pinterest Crafting series.

Felt Garland

Now, I had to take these photos at work, with not much light (what is it about office buildings and minimum light?), AND on an overcast day. I really, really NEED a DSLR....

This felt garland is insanely simple to make. It's one of those mindless projects that can come together while binge watching shows on Neflix (I know I'm not the only one to do that).

Here are the supplies:


I purchased this felt a few months ago from Hobby Lobby. It's the default 9"x12" sheet of felt. I used crochet thread for it's strength, an embroidery needle, and scissors. That's all you need! Now, to make the strips of felt, I cut the felt sheet in half to make TWO 9"x6" pieces. I then processed to cut 1/4" strips (1/4"x6" strips). I eyeballed the width of the strips, but you'd want approximately a quarter- to a half-inch wide strips. When you string these bad boys onto your twine, thread, etc, make sure to fold the strip in half LENGTH-WISE before poking it with your needle to string them on your twine. Doing this gives the garland it's body or "fluff."

Felt Garland Close-Up

This felt garland is a quick and easy piece to add as party decor, to scrap rooms, to kids' rooms, as a holiday decoration, etc. It's all about the color felt you choose. When Mr. Sweet and I move and I have my own scrap area, I'll definitely be making a couple of these guys to brighten up my space.

Felt Garland

If you have any questions about this project, let me know in the comments section! Now that I've shared my red, white, and blue project with you, what is your red, white, and blue project? Let me know below!

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