Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Make A Card Monday...on Tuesday!

Today, I will be starting a new weekly series: Make A Card Monday. Now, I am fully aware it's Tuesday when I'm posting this first installment; I did not have time over the weekend to get this post typed up, so I had to postpone it.

Engagement Photo 001

This past weekend, Mr. Sweet and I attended an engagement party for one of his good friends. As always, I made a card for the event. This is actually the first card I enjoyed making in a long time, well, a long time for me.

Engagement Photo 002

This engagement card was inspired by this pin on my Cards Pinterest board. And, this lovely patterned paper inspired the colors for this engagement card. 

Engagement Photo 003

I've also been getting better at decorating the inside of my cards as well. Although, that's a much harder feat than the card front! And, I've been paying more attention to coordinating my envelopes too. 

There's my first card in my Make A Card Monday series. Have you guys made any cards lately? Link up what you've made so I can take a look!

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