Friday, October 4, 2013

Coffee & College

Hello everyone! I hope you have visited the page to check out Heather's awesome wish lists and the projects she's been working on. I know I check in frequently.
I would like to inform you guys on my new membership into Delta Zeta! It was a long process with many obstacles, but I couldn't be happier that I am now apart of this awesome sorority!

So anyway, I want to focus on Fall. Fall is the best season of the year, in my opinion. However, it might be skewed a little since my birthday is in Fall. (four weeks, if you were wondering). Fall, to me, seems to bring so many opportunities of change and reflection. A lot of people would relate fall to death because the leaves are falling and it seems to be overcast most of the time. Fall is my beginning. And I can tell you why. Fall is the beginning of a school year. Each year, over summer, you learn to reinvent yourself or find new things that seem to click toward you. You change. For me, especially this fall, I have changed in so many ways. And I honestly couldn't be happier in where I am in my life.

But another thing about Fall I love, is the activities! So many fun and awesome activities! The weather cools down and you can wear sweaters and boots (basically my daily outfit for this season), the air is crisp, the wind is breezy. You can finally start having/attending bonfires, oh come on, I know all of you love them! You can go out apple picking, travel to the local pumpkin patch,carve (or paint) pumpkins, ride hayrack rides, have/attend costume parties, and drink hot cocoa and apple cider! And for some of us, celebrate our birthdays! I know all of these things are on my "things to do" list while I'm down here, along with some haunted houses too.

So, what will you guys be doing this fall??
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