Saturday, February 15, 2014

Pinterest Crafting: Foam Stamps

I'm back this month with another Pinterest craft!  If you're just now tuning in to my blog, my Pinterest Crafting series is a monthly series where I create a craft found on Pinterest.  I let you all know what I did, how I did it, if it worked, etc.  There have been a few times in the past where I've tried to recreate a project found in the DIY/Crafts section that just didn't turn out as well as the original post and/or pictures showed.  This is my personal journey to see what works, what doesn't, and how some projects can be re-vamped. 

I cannot wait until it gets a little warmer out so I can do some fun projects that involve wood and spray paint and tools!  All of our tools are in out unattached garage and as you all know this winter has sucked!  These past couple days we've actually had temperatures in the 20s and 30s.  It's been weeks since it's been that "warm!"  So, bear with me this month and next for smaller, in-house projects as it's been so cold.  

This month I was inspired by Lines Across to make foam stamps!  I'm a paper crafter, so any craft that is directly related to my obsession-I mean hobby-is awesome. 

Here is what I used.  The only product I had to purchase was the foam sheet, which was under $1 at Michael's.  Before I looked too much into this project, I was thinking I'd cut the foam with my Cameo and the possibilities of foam stamps would be endless!  As I was doing some research and poking around on the 2Peas message board, I found out that no one has really mentioned or publicly admitted to trying to cut foam with the Cameo.  I wasn't about to break my machine, so I decided to use punches and dies cut with my manual die cutter.  Well...the foam was too thick for my punches, so that left me with only my dies.

Now, I know there are already pre-cut foam shapes available at craft stores I could have used.  Some have adhesive on the back and some don't.  I didn't want to spend money on a ton of foam shapes that I'd probably not use (I am TRYING to be a little more aware and conscientious with my craft purchases).  Also, if you do plan on trying this with pre-cut foam shapes, whether with adhesive-backed ones or not, remember that when you temporarily adhere the shapes to a stamp mount, they will be mirror images.  For some shapes that may not matter, but for others it could look a little funny when stamping. 

Okay, so I pulled out pigment ink, dye ink, and chalk ink to test my foam stamps.  I pulled out my glue dots to help adhere the shapes to my acrylic stamp block.  Unfortunately, I do not have a lot of dies, so I was a bit limited in what I could cut.  I wish I had a word die to see how that would have shown up...

Here are all my shapes cut out.  Look at how cute those tiny chevron arrows, stars, and hearts are?!  

Here are my sample sheets.  I used some scrap heavy-weight smooth white cardstock.  

As you can see, the bigger shapes did not stamp very well.  The shape isn't filled in well enough to my liking.  And I felt like I spent forever (more like a minute) inking up the foam.

Now, the smaller foam shapes stamp really well I think.  I would use these cute little guys to do some stamping with.  The Hero Arts Mid-Tone ink stamped well, although it didn't give a crisp line at the edges.  That doesn't bother me too much, depending on the project.  The chalk ink stamped the best.  The dye and pigment inks were good too.

These are the "stamps" after taking them off the block.  I, personally, would not store these shapes for future stamping.  Even after 5 minutes or so, every time I touched the foam, ink would rub on to my hand.  Foam is cheap enough that using it as a fill-in for a stamp you don't have or a die you have, but wish you had a coordinating stamp for would be a great temporary tool.  

I really, really wish there was a known way to cut foam with the Cameo.  Until then, I probably won't be using foam as a temporary stamp.  But, if you have a lot of dies you wish were stamps or thin enough foam to use punches, this is a great way to stretch your stash. 


P.S.-I will tell you that I'll probably be using foam on my projects.  Those hearts are just too cute!
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