Wednesday, August 27, 2014


I have to tell you guys, life is good right now. I'm just feeling very grateful, excited, and happy!


WATCHING: Criminal Minds on Netflix...I was so excited when I saw this show finally became available on Netflix! I used to watch it in college when I had cable. But, after graduation, I had to pay for a lot more of my things, so cable went bye-bye. Mr. Sweet and I haven't had cable for 4 years now.
READING: A Time to Kill by John Grisham...I think I've seen this movie, but if I did, it was many, many years ago. I'm looking forward to watching the movie after I finish the book.
LISTENING: Harry Potter and the Deathly saga of Harry Potter on audio book has almost come to a close. Which is convenient with the timing (more on that later).
MAKING: well, more like attempting to make-Christmas crafts...I'm trying to get ahead with the holiday season, mostly for my Etsy shop.
FEELING: a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.
PLANNING: a major planner overhaul...I'm thinking I may need separate planners for different areas of my life. I know, it sounds crazy, but I've been doing some poking around on the Interwebs, reading different posts about reasons behind multiple planners exclusively for different life areas. Having one planner is just not working. So, I'll be trying out some new things. Don't worry, I'll keep you filled in along the way!
LOVING: the direction my life is I said, I'm feeling very happy and grateful!

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